Friday, January 29, 2010

Tap Water

Want to help the environment and save some cash? Stop drinking bottled water (which lacks fluoride), and start drinking tap water.

'Tap water? Ewwww!' you say? Please! American tap water is the safest in the world, and your tax dollars help keep it that way.

By drinking tap, you'll throw away less plastic bottles into the garbage, and if your city's tap water is fluoridated, you'll strengthen your teeth as well!

Find out if the water supply in your city or town is fluoridated. The fluoride added to the water strengthens teeth, and has done more for oral hygiene in America than any other measure to date!

Check out the article on 'Medical News Today!'

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Fluoride therapy!

For patients with a high caries risk (ie. likely to get cavities), the dentist will often prescribe a high-fluoride tooth-paste or rinse (for instance PreviDent 5000) for the patient to use twice a day. The directions to the patient are to 1) brush your teeth for 2 minutes with regular toothpaste right before bed-time. 2) Rinse your mouth. 3) Use a dry toothbrush with the prescription toothpaste to re-brush your teeth for another 2 minutes (gently scrubbing all surfaces). 4) Spit, but do not rinse. 5) Go promptly to bed without eating or drinking or rinsing. The goal is for the residual fluoride to 'soak into your teeth' increasing their natural strength. My personal suggestion is, even if you don't have the prescription-grade toothpaste, use your regular fluoridated toothpaste in the same manner. Those hours you spend asleep can either benefit your teeth if you've brushed properly, or allow the bacteria and germs to accumulate and wreak havoc!