Monday, September 6, 2010

Hôtel-Dieu de Lyon

While visiting France to follow the "Tour de France" this summer, my two friends and I made a stop a little off the course: Lyon.

A city that combines the beauty of classic architecture, delicious food, and a booming shopping district, we loved walking in this city (after finally finding a place to park our rental car!).

Surrounded on both sides by the Rhône & Saône rivers, I wondered where locals may find a dentist. As it happens, we wandered right into a dental clinic in a building that looks like a palace! The Hôtel-Dieu de Lyon, was erected in medieval times, and served as the "Confrérie des frères pontifes" (est. 1184), a meeting place for clergy. It wasn't until 1454 when the doctor Maître Martin Conras was hired that the building transformed into a fully functional hospital.

Anyhow, I serendipitously ran into the Dental School part of the building, and while I didn't work on any patients, I did chat with the friendly staff telling them I am dentist from the United States. I was introduced to dental residents working there.

One of the residents told me the clinic was not going to be opened much longer, as the entire building was purchased by a Canadian billionaire, to eventually be turned into fancy condos!

If this is the case, I hope the residents appreciate their time there, because it is a truly unique location in a building steeped in history! Vous brosser les dents! Bon chance!

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