Thursday, April 21, 2011

Tips for Healthy Teeth

The February 2011 edition of AGD Impact gave a list of 10 Ways to Treat and Prevent Tooth Decay, that I would like to share. The list was developed by Brian Novy, a dentist who won the 'ADA Adult Preventive Care Practice of the Year Award' in 2009.
1) Increase the amount of the amino acid arginine in your diet. Foods high in arginine include spinahc, soy, seafood and nuts.
2) Brush with baking soda (it is the least abrasive substance for brushing your teeth).
3) Apply fluoride and chlorhexidine varnishes onto exposed roots of teeth.
4) Suck on Salese(TM) lozenges (they contain xylitol which has anti-cavity properties, and baking soda).
5) For people with dry-mouth, offer prescription pilocarpine lollipops (this drug is a cholinergic agonist that is used to encourage saliva production).
6) GlyLic lollipops (they contain a compound from licorice root that fights bacteria causing cavities and periodontal disease).
7) Xylitol (a natural sugar alcohol sweetener). Chewing gum such as Trident and Orbit contain xylitol.
8) Rapid diagnostic tests for cavities (for instance, saliva analysis kit & monoclonal antibody test developed by GC America).
9) Alter the doses of fluoride in your home prevention regimine (brush with only baking soda for a week, then return to fluoride tooth-paste).
10) MI Paste (also developed by GC America), contains calcium & phosphate, is applied topically to the teeth, and combines with your saliva to help recalcify demineralized areas on the surfaces of the teeth.