Wednesday, December 7, 2011

First Aid for Seizures

My co-resident Ji Won had a memorable appointment a few years back by a patient with a history of seizures. The patient had a seizure during the dental procedure which certainly came as a surprise to Ji and the dental assistant. Ji handled it very professionally, and as our residency was based out of a hospital, the patient was given medical attention immediately.

I ran across this video that gives instructions for First Aid for Seizures on an epilepsy website based in the UK. This video is for the general audience, is approximately two minutes long, and well worth every second.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Dental Poem by Dr. John Celes

Natural teeth are best for men;
See the dentist now and then;
Don’t eat more of sugar stuff;
Don’t chew tobacco or puff!

Brush your teeth, both morn and night;
Wear your dentures, smooth and light;
Floss your teeth to rid off food;
Keep your oral hygiene good.

Extract teeth that hurt the cheek;
Let gums not bleed nor turn weak;
Rinse your mouth after a café;
Keep your God-given teeth safe.
Do not drink hot tea / coffee;
Do not eat sweets like toffee;
Let your breath be fresh and free;
Keep your teeth strong and healthy!