Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Teeth Dreams

Spring is upon us, and just in time for the good weather, I contracted a terrible cold! Since I needed quality sleep despite the coughing, I took some NyQuil for a few nights in a row. Would you know, I had a couple of terrifying dreams, and they involved teeth! These dreams were terribly realistic!

In the first dream, I chipped my front teeth, and was scrambling to rebond the pieces in place. In reality, if you chip your front teeth, the most common practice dentist your dentist will follow, is to place a sedative-liner if necessary, and then to place a beautiful tooth-colored composite restoration. In severe cases, these teeth may require endodontic treatment (root canals), or if there are fractures to the root structure, they may need to be pulled! Still, in my chaotic dream, I was trying the more radical (but up and coming!) approach of bonding the pieces back in place! Thankfully when I woke up, my teeth were all in place, safe and sound.

The second night I had a similar dream, except in this dream, a dentist was trying to place dental implants in my upper jaw-bone. Apparently the pieces I bonded in place the night before, must not have held up! This dream was very frustrating for me, because the implants were being drilled haphazardly, and I was not satisfied with the end result when he tried to insert the implant-retained denture. In reality, there is a lot of planning involved in placing and restoring dental implants, to insure an excellent long-term result. Waking up, I was once again happy to find my teeth all in place.

Chatting with some friends (Jordan at WTF Dream) and coworkers, I was surprised to find that dreams involving teeth are commonplace! I did a little bit of reading online and here are some interesting theories about the 'meaning' of these dreams.

According to,

1) Dreams about teeth reflect your anxiety about your appearance and how others perceive you. Apparently menopausal women often have dreams involving teeth.
2) These dreams may be 'rooted' in a fear of being embarrassed or making a fool of yourself.
3) In Greek culture, a dream about teeth indicates a family member is sick or close to death

According to,

1) Pulling teeth can suggest someone encouraging you to do something you don't want to do.
2) Broken teeth may suggest there is something in your life that is fragile/broken that needs repairing.

Of course, maybe the most obvious answer is that I need to go and get a dental check-up! Regardless, I'm happy my alarm saved me from the Sandman's crazy dreams.

Anyone else experience dreams like these?

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