Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Buffalo Bills - Mouth-Guards

Recently, I had a terrific opportunity to assist the dentist of the Buffalo Bills, Dr. Greg Hudecki, by providing dental exams to the players on the team.  As a life-long fan of the Buffalo Bills football team, getting the chance to meet the players and participate in their organization was not only an honor for me, but a ton of fun as well!

The Bills play at 'Ralph Wilson Stadium,' in Orchard Park, New York (a suburb of the city of Buffalo).  It was here in the early morning (7:15am) that I met the other dental providers in a huddle to discuss the upcoming day's events.

We provided dental exams on most of the 80+ players that were scheduled for the day, and made mouth-impressions on any players needing a mouth-guard for the upcoming season.

One of my favorite players, running back Corey McIntyre, has a unique approach to intimidating his opponents.  Corey wear a custom mouth-guard from Unbreakable MouthPieces.  Take a look at the cool vampire teeth on his guard!  When Corey has his helmet on, you can really see how terrifying he must look to the other team. Here's a photo of me with Corey wearing his scary mouth-guard!

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