Friday, October 26, 2012

Dental Horror Stories in time for Halloween

One thing that I have learned in my short career as a dentist, is that many patients have 'dental stories,' to share.  Often they are not first-person stories (in other words, they usually begin with 'my friend told me that when he went to the dentist....').  The stories range from ranting-complaints to outrageous fairy-tales, but they can often be very entertaining!

Sometimes the stories share a theme.  Common themes include 1) the dentist stepping on the patient's chest as leverage to pull out a tooth, 2) the dentist drilling maliciously with no offer of anesthetic, 3) the dentist drilling/pulling the wrong tooth, 4) the patient waited a long time in the waiting room.  Obviously the severity of the stories ranges greatly!

In the spirit of Halloween, I would love to hear your dental horror stories!  Please share in the comments!

Happy Halloween!


  1. No horror stories here-my dentist is awesome! I bring him cookies lol.

  2. I was an au pair in Germany a few years ago. My American dentist told me that i would need my wisdom teeth out so i figured i would just get them pulled overseas, being that i would have insurance there (and i didnt at the time in the US). In my first month, i decided to visit my local dentist in Erlangen, Bavaria. I didnt speak much german and evidently, the dentist didnt speak much english.
    Now, i have heard in the US, they put you out for the surgery/extraction and then treat you with nice drugs afterwards and foolishly, i thought my german experience might be comparable. i was so wrong!
    She (the dentist) told me she was going to give me the anesthesia and pulled out on of those needles you see in horror movies like "Saw" or whatever. Ya know, those giant needles with all the scary metal and stuff? Yeah, i cried. I'll admit it. She left the needle in front of me so i could stare at it in resentment for a while. Seeing that it was novacane, i thought maybe this was pre-anesthesia or something. She comes in, ready to extract. I'm still awake and now pretty confsed as to whats about to happen.
    She asks me to "open wide" and i reluctantly do so. She then proceeds to extract my tooth. Tears rolling down my face.
    She only extracted one. I asked her if she would do 2 or 4 and she said that she felt only the one needed out and if i had problems with the others, to come back and she would do them. I asked her if she was going to prescribe me any pain medication. She replied, "Well, you have ibuprofen at home, right?" to which i replied "seriously...?"
    Well, the tooth above the then gaping hole in my lower jaw gets infected the next week so i went back to her for another fun extraction. She told me to come back the following week and get the other two out.
    She gave me back all 4 teeth in their nasty, bloody glory and i have them to this day. if any of my American friends complain of their wisdom teeth extraction stories, i tell them to suck it up lol.
    On the plus side of all of this- I didn't swell, i didnt have stitches, and the pain afterward, actually was not too bad. The dentist, all in all, did a pretty great job :)



    1. what a great story! yeah folks are bred tough over there in europe... none of those fancy narcotics... you're lucky you received novocaine!!! it sounds like the scariest part was just seeing that needle sitting in front of you in anticipation. yikes. sounds like you developed a 'dry socket' after that first extraction (which led to your awful pain a week later). yikes! happy halloween sarah! thanks for the story!

  3. Oh gosh, that sounds awful. I'm so glad to have an experienced dentist in Burlington where I live. No one likes the dentist, but that just takes the cake! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks anonymous. I have family from southern Ontario who I miss a great deal. It's too bad I'm not in your area to treat them!

  4. I know this thread is a little old but with Halloween coming up again I thought it would be nice to share. I am a 26y/o female and going to the dentist is my worst fear. My whole body shakes and every dentist gets seriously mad. I had many fillings as a kid and had to be held down and gas never worked. A few years ago my last dentist removed all 4 wisdom teeth with one impacted and stitches with just novacaine. Horrible experience to hear all that cracking. He yelled at me so bad that I went home, waited until i wasnt numb and could talk, then called him and let him have it. I even got dry socket and all they ever gave me was ibuprofin. I had to go to my dr. for narcotics. Then just yesterday I went to a new dentist and they were so angry I was freaking out and since they replaced my amalgram with composite they had redo my filling 3 times since i was jumpy and freaking out.

    1. holy geez heather, it sounds like you've had some frustrating dental visits! You should talk with friends and family members who live in your community about who they recommend you see in the future. There ARE kind/friendly dentists out there who can empathize and help with the fears of their patients! Best wishes!